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For some businesses, environmental stewardship begins with totalizing main utility incomers. Other businesses have matured toward multi-variable regression models designed for anomaly detection, budget forecasting and/or unit economics. We’ve helped a wide variety of companies save millions through real-time, accurate analytics. With us, your corporate sustainability is just around the corner.

Focus Areas

Consumption Monitoring

View real-time consumption or monthly reports. Take enterprise-level snapshots or asset-level measurements. Seeing your consumption is the first step.

Anomaly Detection

When something changes, we alert the right people. Our data collecting, scrubbing and normalizing gives you the confidence to make good decisions without delay.

Regression Analysis

Linear regression modeling helps manage when your energy consumption is aligned with your expectation. And more importantly, when it’s not.


Without action, data and analytics are just history books collecting dust. Dashboarding quickly delivers pertinent, consumable information to the people who can act on it.

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